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Kite surfing for beginners and advanced

Wesley and his team give kitesurf lessons according to current standards. The attention in the kitesurf is focused on learning by doing, feeling, seeing and talking about each other. Through the experience Wesley and 17knotskitesurfcenter know the best of you to get up. Have fun actively in a wonderful unspoilt atmosphere.

The pace of kite surf lessons is tailored to the level of the students. In a lesson you will be challenged to go one step further. We will teach you the skills required for kite surfing step by step. Our goal is to move you to the level of what you can do independently and safely.

  • Instructor: Wesley and his team
  • Posted: 6 June 2017
  • Skills:beginners to advanced
  • Website - 17 Knots Kite Surf center: